Baseball vs. Football Eyes: Why important for Cataract Surgery by Dr. Martha Jay, Milwaukee area Ophthalmologist

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June 28, 2011

How about those Brewers? Baseball is not just a sport but also a way to explain the shape of your eyes.  You have “football eyes” if the front of your eyes are curved like a football. This is called astigmatism.  You have “baseball eyes” if the front of your eyes are more rounded like a baseball.

It is important to know if you have football or baseball eyes if you are considering cataract surgery.  This is because it determines which implant options are available to you at the time of surgery.  Cataract surgery is a very safe and relatively easy procedure to go through.  We gently remove your natural cloudy lens and replace it with a clear implant to improve your vision.

The latest advancements in cataract surgery involve the implant choices now available. If you have football eyes, you would see better afterwards if we place a “Toric” implant at the time of your cataract surgery.  If you have baseball eyes, then you could benefit from “Multi-focal” implants that allow you to see far away, intermediate and close up after your surgery without glasses.  These “bifocal-like” implants let you turn back the clock and be relatively free of glasses after your procedure.

Dr. Martha F. Jay

Martha F. Jay, Ph.D., M.D.

How can you tell if you have football or baseball eyes?  How can you know which implant is optimal for you at the time of your cataract surgery?  We will guide you through the options available to you during your cataract evaluation.  Remember, you only have cataract surgery once so it is important to consider all the possibilities to optimize your vision.

Dr. Martha Jay is an ophthalmologist or eye physician surgeon practicing in the Milwaukee area.  She is one of three doctors at Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals with offices in Mequon and Saukville, Wisconsin.  Dr. Jay trained at Northwestern University in Chicago and has been offering the latest in medical and surgical eye care to Milwaukee area residents since 1992.  She specializes in small incision cataract surgery and blade-free iLASIK but also treats glaucoma, dry eyes, macular degeneration and other eye conditions.

The other doctors at Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals are Dr. Josephine-Liezl Cueto and Dr. Mark German.  For more information call at 262-241-1919 or visit their web site at

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