CATARACT SURGERY IMPROVES YOUR OUTLOOK ON LIFE By Dr. Lisa Bennett, Ophthalmologist at Madison Medical Eye Care in Mequon/Saukville, Wisconsin

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September 20, 2019

When you think of cataract surgery, generally the visual change that comes to mind is an improvement in clarity but there are other added benefits: you color vision improves also. Cataracts cause the lens inside your eye to turn a yellow/brown. This makes blues look darker and whites to have a yellowed appearance. Before surgery this is not very noticeable as the change is quite gradual. When we do cataract surgery, we replace the yellowed natural lens with a clear plastic implant. Then, overnight, blues appear more vivid and whites whiter!  Since we operate on one eye at a time, the color perception difference between eyes is noticeable while waiting for the second eye to have surgery. Once both eyes have the implants, however, the world looks not only clearer but more colorful too!

How do you know if you have cataracts? Generally the symptoms include blurred distance vision, especially for driving at night. Sometimes you see glare or halos around lights. The actual diagnosis has to be made by your eye doctor after a complete, dilated eye examination. There are many other possible sources of blurred vision.  Some are minor and others are more serious. You could just need an adjustment in your glasses prescription or you could have a problem with your retina such as macular degeneration.

To get started on improving your outlook on life, schedule an eye examination and we will determine how to make you see as well as possible. Should your problem be cataracts, the surgery takes only 10-15 minutes and nowadays you generally don’t have to bother with shots, stitches or patches. See you soon!

Dr. Lisa Bennett is an Eye Physician & Surgeon (Ophthalmologist) specializing in medical and surgical eye care such as small incision cataract surgery, blade-free LASIK, glaucoma treatments, macular degeneration care, dry eye management and more. She practices at Madison Medical Eye Care with Drs. Martha Jay and James Ivanoski. They have offices in Mequon & Saukville, Wisconsin.

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