CONTACT LENSES VS. LASIK by Dr. Martha Jay, Milwaukee Area Ophthalmologist

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May 29, 2011

Trying to weigh the benefits of contact lenses versus LASIK? You are not alone.  If you liked glasses, you would stay with them.  Let’s consider cost, convenience and safety.

As far as cost is concerned, contact lenses lose out to LASIK.  Let’s say that you are 30 years-old and wear disposable contact lenses.  If you calculate your lifetime cost of contacts, glasses and solutions it would come to $21,900!  See our web site for a link to iLASIK to see what your projected lifetime contact lens expenses are.

Now convenience takes less explanation. Traveling with contacts, glasses, solutions, contact cases, prescription sunglasses, and non-prescription sunglasses is one thing but LASIK simplifies your life in other ways also.  You just get up and go in the morning or when checking on your child during the night.  You can get of-the-rack sunglasses and even replace them on a whim.

LASIK is so safe it is approved for Navy "Top Gun" fighter pilots

That leaves safely.  We see many severe corneal ulcers every month in contact lens wearers and have never seen one in a LASIK patient.  These are especially common in those who sleep in their contacts.  With LASIK you have a 99% chance of being happy with your procedure.

LASIK is so safe and convenient that it is approved for Top-Gun Navy pilots and astronauts.  All that and you save money too!  Isn’t it time to call for your free screening exam to see if LASIK is an option for you?   See you soon.

Dr. Martha Jay is a board certified ophthalmologist who has been practicing in the Milwaukee area since 1992 when she completed her ophthalmology residency at Northwestern University in Chicago.  She was one of the first doctors in the area to recognize the benefits of blade-free LASIK and is still one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the Milwaukee area.  When you select Dr. Jay for your LASIK procedure you are assured that you will benefit from the latest technology available and a local doctor you can trust.  AND you care will not be delegated to para-professionals.  You will see Dr. Jay at each and every appointment from your first screening, you surgery and through your one year of post-operative care.

Dr. Martha F. Jay

Martha F. Jay, Ph.D., M.D.

Call 262-241-1919 to arrange your free, no-pressure screening exam.  Visit our web site at for more information.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you attain the vision you have always dreamed about.

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