KIDS AND CONTACT LENSES by Dr. Mark German, Milwaukee Area Optometrist

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May 2, 2011

How old should your son or daughter be to start contact lenses?  There is really no magic age when someone suddenly becomes responsible enough to handle contacts.  As a parent, you know your child best.  You should ask yourself if your child could be relied upon to clean the contacts each and every day; not to sleep in the contacts; to bring a case and solutions when away from home for the night; and, not insignificantly, could they learn to put them in and take them out.

Kids want contact lenses for a variety of reasons from just not liking the way they look in glasses to improving their sports performance.  But the idea should come from them.   Many find the hassles of contact lenses more than they can handle and would just as soon stay in glasses.

We specialize in first time fits of contacts so if you think your child is ready, we are here to help.   We start with a complete eye examination to be sure their eyes are healthy and to determine the appropriate prescription.  Then if we all agree that the child is ready to make the transition to contacts, we go the next step.  Most are fit with disposable contacts due to increased comfort and ease of care.

Your child’s vision is very precious so we want to be assured that they not only see well but that the health of their eyes is maintained with the proper contact lens fit and care.  While this may take some time with their first fitting, getting the right start should set them on the path to becoming a successful contact lens wearer for years to come.

Dr. Mark German is a Milwaukee area optometrist with offices in Mequon and Saukville, Wisconsin.  He specializes in hard-to-fit contact lens wearers and first time contact lens patients along with general eye care.  Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals has two other doctors who are ophthalmologists: Dr. Martha Jay and Dr. Josephine-Liezl Cueto.

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