LASIK is Amazing with Dr. Martha Jay at Lakeshore Eye Care

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July 15, 2011

Dr. Martha F. Jay

Martha F. Jay, Ph.D., M.D.

Call 262-241-1919 for your free, no-pressure LASIK screening exam.  Visit for more information. Lakeshore Eye Care has two offices in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin just minutes from Milwaukee off Highway 43.

Below are comments from some of our recent patients:

Beth, Artist

From Beth, Artist: “Absolutely pleased! I felt like I was well prepared throughout so the healing process was clean and easy.  My vision was noticeably better right after surgery. Even my headaches are better. The staff at Lakeshore Eye Care is excellent – so friendly and fun. They are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and can assist Dr. Jay in every way she requires.  Dr. Jay is truly a professional and she is extremely skilled.  I felt safe and informed throughout my consultations and the surgery.  I am so glad I had the procedure! I admit that the surgery itself was strange – a bit surreal but it was quick and the results are magnificent.  Dr. Jay is an expert and I felt so safe in her capable hands and with her warm staff.  I had no doubts concerning the ultimate success of the operation! My vision has never felt more natural and clear.  Everyone should consider LASIK.”

Beth had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2011.

Sheryl, Graduate Admissions Counselor

From Sheryl, Graduate Admissions Counselor: “It is absolutely amazing to be able to see without glasses or contacts. Everything went smoothly. Dr. Jay is amazing and her assistants were very patient and understanding. LASIK is a miracle. I have been very happy with my experience. The hardest part is the surgery but it goes so quickly that before you know it you are done.”

Sheryl had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2011.

From Dean, Server Performance Analyst: “My results certainly exceeded expectations! The staff at Lakeshore Eye Care is great from the check-in to the final exam. I have been trying to talk two of my friends into scheduling appointments here, they are “chickens” just like I was.”

Dean had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2011.

Cindy, LASIK patient

From Cindy, LASIK patient: “I wish I had discovered LASIK sooner as my eyes were too dry for contact lenses. I feel 20 years younger because I don’t need glasses for driving or reading. LASIK is definitely worth it.  It’s no big deal to go through and the results are beyond expectation.”

Cindy had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2011.  She elected to have mono-vision correction so she can see far away with one eye and close up with the other.

Jill, Administrative Executive

From Jill, Administrative Executive: ” I wish I had had iLASIK done earlier, I could not be happier with the results! I am very happy with the surgery and my new eyes.  My experience at Lakeshore Eye Care and with Dr. Martha Jay certainly exceeded my expectations.  And the staff is very friendly!”

Jill had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2011.

From Linda, Computer Teacher: “I wish I would have had the LASIK done a long time ago.  If you are thinking of LASIK, just do it with Dr. Martha Jay! You won’t be disappointed.”

Linda had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2011.

Andrea, Student

From Andrea, Student: “Getting LASIK surgery done was the best decision I have ever made.  I am free of glasses and my quality of life is so much better.  The world looks amazing through my new eyes.  The procedure was easy and Dr. Jay and her staff are amazing.  They really took care of me! I would recommend LASIK with Dr. Jay to everyone.  Worth every penny!!”

Andrea had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2010.

From Jill, Nurse: “I am so happy to wake up in the morning and be able to read the clock.  The staff at Lakeshore Eye Care is knowledgeable and friendly.  They answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. This was the best use of my health care dollars. I’m thrilled with the results!”

Jill had iLASIK vision correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2011.

Jenna, Psychotherapist

From Jenna, Psychotherapist:“I am very happy with my LASIK surgery.  I still can’t believe I don’t need glasses. Life is much easier now. Everyone at Lakeshore Eye Care answered my questions and were very kind when my anxieties were high. I have very sensitive eyes! I couldn’t wear contact lenses because of this and have been wearing glasses for over 10 years. If I can go through LASIK, anyone can!”

Jenna has iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2011.

Alan, Contractor

Alan, Contractor

From Alan, Contractor: “I can see clearly at distance and don’t have the adjustment time I used to have going in and out of dark places.  I have encouraged my wife and friends to come to Lakeshore Eye Care for their LASIK procedures.  No surprises, everything went as expected.”

Alan had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2011.

Chris, Die Caster

From Chris, Die Caster: “I never thought I’d ever see this well without corrective lenses! If you are thinking about LASIK, get it done. You won’t believe the results of this quick and simple procedure. The staff at Lakeshore Eye Care is very helpful, the whole experience exceeded my expectations.”

Chris had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2011.

Lyndell, Marketing Specialist

From Lyndell, Marketing Specialist: “I love my vision and the convenience of not having to deal with contacts anymore. My eyes are still a little dry but getting better just months after the procedure. I would recommend LASIK and Dr. Martha Jay to anyone.  It was so easy and painless!”

Lyndell had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2011.

Matthew, Student/Athlete

From Matthew, Student/College Basketball Player: “My vision is perfect.  Dr. Jay and her staff are very professional and personable.  Yes, living with 20/20 vision has made so many different aspects of my life more enjoyable.  I would definitely recommend LASIK with Dr. Martha Jay to anyone struggling with poor vision.  The benefits are countless.  One of the best choices I’ve ever made.”

Matthew had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2010 so he would be able to see better on the basketball court.  Now if only he can get back in the game from a recent injury!

Renee, Attorney-retired

Renee, Attorney-retired

From Renee, Attorney-Retired: “I had been blind since I was in the 3rd grade and scared to have surgery on my eyes for years but I can’t recommend Dr. Jay and LASIK enough.  The procedure was short and with a relatively quick recovery period.  The results have been marvelous.  It’s a miracle!  Dr. Jay was wonderful in explaining the procedure so that I would know exactly what to expect.  She never rushed me through an appointment and was always very thorough.”

Renee had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2010.  She elected to have mono-vision correction so she could see both far-away and close-up after the procedure.  She would not have been a candidate for LASIK with the blade due to thin corneas but did beautifully with blade-free LASIK.

Kevin, Delivery Driver

From Kevin, Delivery Driver: “For years I had wanted to have LASIK surgery.  I tried different locations but they turned me away.  I thought I was out of options until I heard of Lakeshore Eye Care and the latest technology they use for LASIK.  After meeting with Dr. Jay I was told that because of the advanced technology that she uses, I was finally a candidate.  I wake up every day seeing clearly without my glasses and contacts.  I am so thankful that this became possible for me.”

Kevin had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2010.  Dr. Jay was able to customize his LASIK flap with the IntraLase laser to make it much thinner than what would be possible with a blade.  The result was that his dream of LASIK Vision Correction became a reality.

Tameka, Child Care Specialist

From Tameka, Child Care Specialist: “My vision was not the worst but I struggled seeing the TV clearly or reading the numbers on my alarm clock.  My surgery was fast and I was able to see clearly the next day.  It’s like I never needed glasses or contacts at all.  Thanks Dr. Jay!”

Tameka had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2010.

From Marilyn, Self Employed Asset Manager and Hobby Farmer: “Everything went as explained – NO SURPRISES. I know it is not a simple surgery but it seemed so to me.  I am extremely happy that I went through with it. My daily work and life is now so much easier and more enjoyable.”

Stephen, Mechanical Designer

From Stephen, Mechanical Designer: “My vision improved immediately.  It was very exciting to come home being able to see without glasses. The overall improvement has been excellent….  The procedure was life changing – you should definitely do it.”

Stephen had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2010.

Sue, Travel Agent

From Sue, Travel Agent: “After three plus years of wearing one contact to read and always having trouble taking them out and putting them in, I am free of that dreaded task! I looked into different treatments and found that LASIK suited me.  I am very happy. Do not waste time, possibly damaging your eyes with contacts, go for LASIK.”

Sue had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2010.

Lisa, Retired

From Lisa, Retired: “After much research into Dr. Jay’s experience and credentials, I chose her to perform the LASIK surgery for me.  Shortly after scheduling surgery, my friend who is an ER doctor told me he just had his LASIK surgery performed by Dr. Jay and was very pleased.  This made me feel even more confident with my choice.  Dr. Jay and her staff are the best! They took time to explain the procedure, educated me with an informative video and answered all my questions which put me at ease.  For me it was a dream and miracle come true.  It changed my life!”

Lisa had iLASIK Vision Correction with Dr. Martha Jay in 2009.

Dr. Martha Jay practices at Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals.  Offices in Mequon and Saukville, Wisconsin. Phone 262-241-1919.  Web site

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