LASIK: WAVEFRONT GUIDED VS. OPTIMIZED TREATMENTS by Dr. Martha Jay, Ophthalmologist at Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals in Mequon and Saukville, Wisconsin

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February 27, 2012

If you have looked into LASIK vision correction lately, you may have become confused about the difference between wavefront guided versus wavefront optimized treatments.  Wavefront treatments correct not just near-sightedness and astigmatism but also for other aspects of your vision called higher order aberrations. This is a physics term to describe the complexities of exactly how light enters your eye and is different for every person and every eye.

The VISX Star S4 laser that we use for LASIK vision correction is a wavefront guided system.  That means that it allows us to individually measure the higher order aberrations of each and every patient and then customize their treatment to allow better vision after the procedure.  Less advanced laser systems, while cheaper, are wavefront optimized meaning that they apply the same higher order aberration correction to each treatment – not individualizing the correction to the specific patient.

Dr. Martha F. Jay

Martha F. Jay, Ph.D., M.D.

Most of the attention lately has been around how we generate the flap at the beginning of the LASIK procedure, whether with a laser or a blade, but the second part of the procedure is equally important.  We provide blade-free iLASIK vision correction with wavefront guided corrections for all of our patients so they can benefit from this advanced technology. Just another reason to call for your free, no-pressure LASIK screening exam to see if iLASIK is an option for you!

Dr. Martha Jay is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist (Eye Physician and Surgeon) practicing at Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals with offices in Mequon & Saukville, Wisconsin.  She has been exclusively been offering blade-free iLASIK vision correction since 2005 so has extensive experience in this more advanced procedure.

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