New Cataract Technology at Columbia-St. Mary's Ozaukee Hospital by Dr. Martha Jay, Eye Physician and Surgeon, Mequon and Saukville, Wisconsin

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February 23, 2011

Just when you think cataract surgery cannot get any faster or safer, along comes another advancement in technology.  Columbia-St. Mary’s Ozaukee has just purchased the most advanced cataract machine available to do just that.  Cataracts are removed through a tiny incision with an ultrasound device that we call a “phaco” machine.  The new Alcon Infiniti machine has been in use at the Ozaukee hospital since late last year.  The result is faster surgery and quicker recovery for our patients.

Columbia-St. Mary’s Ozaukee is the only hospital providing eye surgery at this time in Ozaukee County and now they have the newest equipment in the area.  The difference is how the ultrasound works.  The Infiniti machine has the new “Ozil” technology which allows the ultrasound to move in two directions instead of one.  It also has the capability to change the power of the ultrasound based on the severity of the cataract – this is called “Intelligent Phaco.”  Finally it allows us the use an even small incision, down from an already tiny 2.8 mm to only 2.4 mm.

The bottom line is that anything that makes my job easier and my patients see better is welcomed.  We at lakeshore Eye Care have long dedicated ourselves to providing the most advanced medical and surgical eye care available and the new Alcon Infiniti phaco machine is just one more example of that principle.

Dr. Martha Jay is a Board Certified Eye Physician and Surgeon who has been practicing in Ozaukee County since 1992 after receiving her Ophthalmology training at Northwestern University in Chicago.  She specializes in blade-free LASIK vision correction and small-incision cataract surgery.  Call for your appointment today to see if you have cataracts and learn about the new implants that allow you to "see it all" without glasses after surgery.


Martha F. Jay, Ph.D., M.D.

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