NO WE ARE NOT MOVING By Dr. Martha Jay, Ophthalmologist at Madison Medical Eye Care with offices in Mequon & Saukville, Wisconsin

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October 14, 2019

Until recently, there was a “For Sale” sign in front of our Mequon office which prompted numerous questions about whether the practice was moving to another location. The answer is an emphatic No! When we all joined Madison Medical Affiliates in January of 2018, they declined to purchase the Mequon office building as they preferred instead to remain as renters. They have committed to a long term lease at the site so we will be at that location for many years to come. Recently the ownership of the building changed hands but the long term rental commitment remains intact. So no need to worry, we are not going anywhere!  We will remain at both our Mequon and Saukville offices just as we have in the past.

Speaking of change, you may have noticed that we now answer the phone differently. When calling our main office to schedule an appointment or for other reasons, we identify ourselves as “Madison Medical Eye Care - Mequon.”  Why did we add the Mequon? That’s because there is now a Madison Medical Eye Care – Glendale! Several months ago, the well-established ophthalmology practice in Glendale formally known as Fabric, Shafrin and Bloom joined Madison Medical Affiliates.  Now you have 6 eye doctors at Madison Medical to choose from and three locations (Mequon, Saukville & Glendale).

This addition of the Glendale practice has created some confusion, however.  While we are all part of Madison Medical Affiliates, we still maintain two separate scheduling and charting systems at this point.  So for the Mequon and Saukville offices (Drs. Jay, Bennett & Ivanoski), call 262-241-1919. For the Glendale office (Drs. Fabric, Shafrin & Bloom), call 414-332-0606.

For more eye care information, call 262-241-1919 or visit

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