THE WHAT AND WHY OF A “CCD” By Dr. Mark German, Optometrist at Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals with offices in Mequon & Saukville, Wisconsin

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February 14, 2015

If you have been to our office recently, you were probably given information about expecting an email requesting that you to sign onto our secure network. The purpose of this is to view a summary of your examination called a Continuity of Care Document (CCD). Why are we asking you to do this? The reason is to help in the development of our electronic records system.

Almost every health care provider has been making the transition from paper records to using a computer. Electronic medical records provide a more efficient form of care in that they are easier to read, easier to compare changes over time and easier to share with other providers. Medicare recognizes these advantages and has provided a financial incentive to offset the considerable expense of the conversion for doctors and clinics.  They don’t just hand out the money, however. They require that we comply with something called “Meaningful Use.”

One of these Meaningful Use requirements is that we establish a way for patients to have access a brief summary of their visit. That is the purpose of the CCD. All the computer companies, including ours, have been struggling to make this system work efficiently. By signing onto our system you are helping us test and perfect this first stage of the CCD. We realize that it takes a few minutes of your time but really appreciate your assistance in this important investment in the future of electronic medicine.

Dr. Mark E. GermanNow that you know the “What and the Why of a CCD”, don’t forget to respond to our email asking you to click on the MySecureData link to test our system. Remember that in order for your efforts to count, at the end where you must click on “Send a Message” so we know that you have successfully entered the portal. THANK YOU!!

Dr. Mark German is an optometrist practicing at Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals with Dr. Martha Jay. He welcomes patients of all ages into his practice and accepts most insurance plans.

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