WHAT IS A COMPLETE EYE EXAM? by Dr. Mark German, Optometrist at Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals in Mequon & Saukville, Wisconsin

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June 4, 2012

Dr. Mark German

Maybe it's easier to explain what a complete eye exam isn't. It is not just a quick check of your glasses prescription so you can order new glasses.  A complete eye examination is a thorough evaluation of your eyes and the medical conditions that may affect your eyes.  This means starting with an in-depth medical history, proceeding to checking your eye pressure, glasses prescription, peripheral vision, pupils, eye muscle balance, the front of your eyes with a microscope and an evaluation of the back of your eyes after dilating drops have been instilled.

The eye is a special window into your health.  It is the only place in the body where you can actually see blood vessels.  Many diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure can damage these fine vessels in the eye and elsewhere. While you cannot look at the tiny vessels in your heart, kidneys or feet, damage in the eyes could suggest damage elsewhere and indicate that more precise management of these conditions is indicated.

So we are not just being nosy when we ask all sorts of medical questions at the time of your eye examination.  And we are not just out to make you uncomfortable with dilating drops, we really need to use them to get a better look at the back of your eyes!

While we are on the topic, when was the last time you scheduled complete eye examinations for yourself and your family?  We offer medical and surgical eye care for patients of all ages. Most insurance plans accepted.

Dr. Mark E. GermanDr. Mark German is an Optometrist at Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals.  He graduated from the Indiana School of Optometry in 1987 and joined Martha F. Jay, Ph.D., M.D.  at Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals in 2000.  The third doctor at Lakeshore Eye Care is Josephine-Liezl Cueto, M.D.

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