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March 15, 2017

From Lori, Veterinary Technician & Skin Care Consultant: "I could not be happier. My vision is better than ever! I love having great vision. Prior

Lori, Veterinary Technician & Skin Care Consultant

to the surgery I was worried because I would be having the mono-vision procedure (one eye for seeing close up and the other for seeing far away). My vision is great for distance, reading, computer, work...this is the best thing I have ever done for myself! :) Dr. Jay and her staff came highly recommended by people I know - they have exceeded my expectations. What are you waiting for? Do it! I couldn't be happier with my results."

Lori had LASIK vision correction with Dr. Martha Jay.


Michael, LASIK Patient

From Michael, LASIK patient: "From the moment after the procedure to my first round of "glasses-free" golf, it has been wonderful. I'm so glad a friend referred me to Dr. Jay.  Great staff and informative. No question or expectation was left unanswered or not met. 30+ hears with glasses - I have never seen such crisp colors or sharper images like I can now. Less than 10 seconds per eye and my world has changed. I had been thinking of doing this for at least 15 years, can't believe I waited so long."

Michael had LASIK vision correction with Dr. Martha Jay


Amy, Narrator/Voice Talent

From Amy, Narrator/Voice Talent: "I am very happy with my results and Lakeshore Eye Care certainly met my expectations. If you are considering LASIK, I'd say DO IT NOW - don't wait any longer! It changes you life - minimal discomfort for maximum awesomeness!"

Amy had PRK vision correction with Dr. Martha Jay.


Travis, Financial Advisor

From Travis, Financial Advisor: "I am very satisfied with the results of the procedure. The recovery time was much quicker than I anticipated. Lakeshore Eye Care exceeded my expectations. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. I would let anyone interested in LASIK at Lakeshore Eye Care to know that the initial consultation is done at no cost and that they are very transparent about their fees. If you are looking for a high quality experience, this will be the place to learn about your options. "

Travis had LASIK vision correction with Dr. Martha Jay.


Dyla, Personal Assistant to Real Estate Broker

From Dyla, Personal Assistant to Real Estate Broker: "It's a scary thought at first thinking of them making an incision on your eyeball, but I could not believe how quick and painless it all was! Dr. Jay and her team are so efficient and comforting and pleasant through the whole process. It met and exceeded my expectations. I never had an ounce of pain during or after the surgery! It really is a comfortable experience. And you can literally see 20/20 seconds after your surgery! Do it! By far the best decision I ever made. I feel so free now no longer being a slave to contacts and glasses. It may be a higher expense upfront, but you'll save money and so much more in the end!"

Dyla had LASIK vision correction with Dr. Martha Jay.


Cynthia, Student/Cashier

From Cynthia, Student/Cashier: "I do not need anything to correct my vision anymore. It feels great to see clearly on my own! I had all the info I needed to make a decision to go ahead with LASIK. The whole process was quick, painless and gave good results! If LASIK is something you've been considering, Lakeshore Eye Care Professionals can answer any questions you may have.  If surgery is what you decide, I am sure the results will be beyond expectations."

Cynthia had LASIK vision correction with Dr. Martha Jay.


Brandon, Youth Ministry Coordinator

From Brandon, Youth Ministry Coordinator: "The surgery was painless! The entire process was easy and Dr. Jay and staff took great care to be sure I understood the process and was comfortable. The process was straightforward and caring - and now I can see! Do it! As a 20+ year glasses/contacts wearer the new level of comfort and convenience is wonderful. Process is easy!"

Brandon had LASIK vision correction with Dr. Martha Jay.


Tracy, Teacher

From Tracy, Teacher: "The LASIK procedure was quick, painless and with almost immediate results. The experience absolutely met or exceeded my expectations.  I expected for the recovery to take much longer but was pleasantly surprised how fast I recovered in less than a day. I would highly recommend LASIK vision correction to anyone. I wish I would have done it years ago."

Tracy had LASIK vision correction with Dr. Martha Jay.



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