Is cataract surgery the same everywhere you go?

Unfortunately no, but this is not always obvious to the patient.

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Martha F. Jay, Ph.D., M.D.

Our cataract surgeons, Dr. Martha Jay and Dr. Lisa Bennett, take pride in providing our patients with the latest innovations in cataract surgery. They have consistently offered their patients the newest and best techniques available. Cataract surgery with them is generally done without the need for patches, stitches or shots around the eye.  With the Alcon Infinity Ozil cataract machine at Columbia-St. Mary's Hospital in Mequon, your surgery is even quicker than before and the incision size is reduced to only 2.4 millimeters.  This makes the surgery quicker, safer and recovery more rapid than before.  It's not your grandmother's cataract surgery!

There are still doctors in the area who haven't taken the time to update their surgical techniques so are unable to offer their patients the advantages of small-incision cataract surgery.  Even fewer provide their patients with the options of premium lens implants such as the Multi-focal and Toric implants that we do at Madison Medical Eye Care. So if you have cataracts, you could not do better than trust your sight to our doctors at Madison Medical Eye Care.

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