Standard, Multi-focal, Toric implants - Which one is best?

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Martha F. Jay, Ph.D., M.D.

Your choice of implant at the time of cataract surgery depends on your eyes and how you feel about glasses.  You only have cataract surgery once in each eye so this decision will affect the way you see for the rest of your life.  Even if you have not minded glasses in the past, you should at least imagine the possibility of not being so dependent on them after surgery with the use of  Multi-focal or Toric implants. While there are three types of implants: Standard, Multi-focal and Toric, not everyone is a candidate for them.  We will be sure to discuss your implant options at the time of your cataract consultation.

The Standard Implant Option

If you love bifocal glasses, then stay with the Standard implant. But even if you haven’t really minded glasses in the past, you have to admit that they get in the way, cost money and require that you look down to read. Furthermore, using a computer with bifocals can lead to neck pain. So just because you have always had glasses, doesn't mean you shouldn't at least consider the other options.

The Multi-focal Implant Option

The Multi-focal implants allow you to see well far away for driving, near for reading and at intermediate distances for computers or counter top activities after surgery without glasses. With these implants, you could play golf with over-the-counter sunglasses and keep score without looking for reading glasses. While we don’t guarantee that you would never use glasses with these implants, it would be rare. This freedom from glasses makes your life simpler and really “turns back the clock” to a time when you did not need glasses. We have many patients who are actually now wanting their cataracts to worsen so they can take advantage of these Multi-focal implants! They turn something that is potentially negative, a cataract, into something positive: relative freedom from glasses.

The Toric Implant Option

Astigmatism Treatment Saukville WI | Mequon WIIf you have astigmatism or a curved shape to the front of your eyes, you could take advantage of the Toric implants. They compensate for your astigmatism so you have great distance vision without glasses after surgery. You would still need glasses to read but could probably get by with over-the-counter reading glasses. You would no longer have to hassle with thick bifocal glasses and make sure they were adjusted just right to see well. The Multi-focal implants also come with the Toric option so those with astigmatism can choose either distance vision in both eyes or the ability to be more glasses-free with the Multi-focal lens.

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