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Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses but they must be properly fit and their care understood to be safely worn.  Unlike glasses, contact lenses come in different shapes so must be seen on the eye by the doctor to be sure they are not too tight or loose.  Also the prescription for contacts is not the same as that for glasses so must be assessed with the contacts on.  Poorly fit contacts and improper care can lead to severe infections and scarring of the eyes that may affect vision for years to come.  Below you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding contact lenses.

Our contact lens specialist, Dr. James Ivanoski, would gladly see you for your personal contact lens consultation to see which type of contacts is best for you and to fit them appropriately.

To learn more about our Contact Lens service provided at our practice, please call us today at 262-241-1919 to schedule an appointment.

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