What Kind of Solutions Should You Use?

Contact Lens SolutionWith the advent of more advanced solutions for disposable contact lenses, we are now faced with the question of ‘do we or do we not rub’ our contact lenses to clean the protein and germs off of them. When using ‘no rub’ solutions properly, after removing a contact lens at the end of the day, each lens needs to be squirted with the solution for 10 seconds on each side to remove debris and germs. As this takes a significant amount of solution, an alternative is to ‘rub’ the contacts for about 10 seconds with your fingers with the same solution. Either way, the contacts are then stored in a clean case that you rinsed in the morning and allowed to air dry. Also, replace the solution in the case at the end of every day.

Recently, the eye health industry has been faced with several outbreaks of vision threatening infections that have been traced back to some of these solutions. After thorough investigation, the finding is that some of these infections have occurred because the individuals were not cleaning their contact lenses properly. They were either not rubbing their lenses or were not rinsing them sufficiently. Some patients were just removing their contacts and placing them in the contact lens case. So whichever method you choose, "no-rub" or "rub", do it properly.

What can happen if your contact lenses are not cleaned properly? A corneal ulcer may result which is not only painful but sight threatening. So, take a little extra time to avoid getting into trouble with your contacts. And certainly do not sleep or swim in your contacts!

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