What’s new in Contact Lenses?

Contact Lenses Saukville WI | Mequon WIContact lenses improve all the time so if you have had problems with them in the past you may want to try them again every few years. The trend now is to disposable contacts that are worn daily for 2 weeks to a month and then discarded. The advantage of this type of contact is that there is less of a chance for protein build-up so the comfort and vision is improved.

There are contact lenses for those with astigmatism called “Toric” contacts. We offer colored contacts for those who want a new look. There are bifocal contacts or mono-vision contacts for those over 45 years-old who want to be able to see far away and close up without glasses. See the “Arms Too Short?” section below for more information about these options.

With so many choices, we really need to thoroughly evaluate your eyes and what your visual needs are before suggesting a particular type of contact lens. Call for your fitting exam today.

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