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Why choose Dr. Martha Jay and dr. lisa bennett at madison medical eye Care for your LASIK Procedure?

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Martha F. Jay, Ph.D., M.D.
  • Experience: Dr. Martha Jay was the first surgeon in the Milwaukee area to perform laser refractive surgery in the 1990’s and has been a leader in blade-free LASIK since 2005.  Join thousands of area residents in experiencing the wonders of improved vision thanks to the skills of Dr. Jay. Dr. Jay is now joined by Dr. Lisa Bennett, who has a special interest in LASIK vision correction as she has had the procedure herself. Both are thoroughly trained on the most up-to-date blade free LASIK procedures available.
  • Comfort: Each laser runs less than a minute and the whole procedure is over in less than 20 minutes. There is no pain involved, just a little pressure. We send you home for a brief nap and then you wake up to remarkably improved vision.
  • Precision: With blade-free LASIK you know you are benefiting from the safest and most precise laser technology available. It is good enough for the Navy’s elite "Top Gun" fighter pilots so why not you?
  • Confidence: Our well trained staff thoroughly explains every step of the procedure so there are absolutely no surprises. Just read the testimonials on our web site (you might see someone you know!) and you will find that is a consistent comment.
  • Affordable: When you compare the cost of contact lenses and solutions over a lifetime, LASIK is a bargain. If you are 30 years-old and wear disposable contact lenses, you can expect to spend more than $20,000 on contact lenses and solutions over time. We offer 6 and 12 months of interest-free financing with payment plans of less than $100 per month. Flex spending plans and major credit cards are also accepted.
  • Wavelight Laser Suite

    Most Advanced Technology: We now have upgraded to the fastest and most precise LASIK technology available in the U.S. - The Alcon WaveLight FS200 and EX 500 lasers. This new technology opens LASIK up to many who were not considered candidates in the past and provides even better visual results. LASIK just got even better!

No fear, no financing problems! Your time for LASIK has come. Get started by calling 262-241-1919 to arrange your complimentary, pressure-free screening exam. Find out if  blade-free LASIK is an option for you.

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For LASIK Basics: Click to watch the video of Dr. Martha Jay to the right. You will hear a step-by-step explanation of  what exactly LASIK is, how this blade-free procedure differs from older technologies,  what to expect before and after the procedure, what sets Dr. Jay apart from other surgeons and much more.

Learn from our Patients:
Visit our Patient Testimonial section to see first hand what people like you have to say about the impact LASIK has had on their lifestyle and why they feel Dr. Martha Jay, Dr. Lisa Bennett and Madison Medical Eye Care were the right choice for them. Tired of the hassles of glasses and contact lenses? Learn about the possibilities that LASIK can open up for you. For more videos about LASIK and other eye care topics, browse our YouTube channel.

For LASIK Details: Learn more about the technology and see how much you are actually spending on contact lenses. It shows you that not only is LASIK a great way to simplify your life and see better, but also a good investment.

For the Newest Developments in Eye Care: Visit our Eye Care Blog which is updated frequently with information about LASIK and other eye care topics.

Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about LASIK:

how to get started?

  • Contact Us: Your first step is to call to schedule your free screening exam. You will learn more about LASIK and see if this remarkable procedure is an option for you. We will do a brief eye examination which includes measuring your glasses and glasses prescription. We will also be checking specifics of your eyes such as the thickness of the cornea in the front of your eyes, the shape of your eyes and your eye health. As with all of your examinations during your LASIK experience at Madison Medical Eye Care, you will be personally examined by Dr. Martha Jay or Dr. Lisa Bennett at the screening exam. See you soon!

Please call us today at 262-241-1919 to schedule your appointment.

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