How much time off work is necessary?

Lakeshore Eye Care | Post LASIK Surgery Saukville WI | Mequon WIUsually we recommend that you take 2 days off your usual routine for LASIK vision correction.  On the day of the procedure you are lightly sedated and going home for a protracted nap is helpful to speed your recovery.  That means that you definitely need to take the day of the procedure off.  On the day after many patients see very well but others take a bit more time to heal so it is just safer to keep that day free also.

We generally schedule LASIK procedures on Thursdays so typically patients who do not work weekends have the extra buffer of the weekend to recover.  It is, however, acceptable to return to work 2 days after your LASIK procedure.

You also need to arrange for a ride to the LASIK center on the day of your procedure and have a back-up driver for the day after in case you do not feel confident driving to your appointment with us that day.

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