If I wear contact lenses, should I take them out for a period before surgery?

Lakeshore Eye Care | Before Surgery Saukville WI | Mequon WIYou do not have to take the contact lenses out before you come in for your screening exam but yes they will have to be removed for some time before the actual surgery.  Soft contact lens wearers should leave them out for 1-2 weeks and hard or gas-permeable wearers should leave them out for 3 weeks prior to the pre-operative evaluation and then until the procedure itself.  Generally we try to do the pre-operative evaluation between 2 days and one week before the surgery in contact lens wearers to limit the time they have to struggle with their glasses.

It is helpful to bring the contact lens containers and your glasses to the screening exam so we can compare the prescriptions to what we obtain during that evaluation.

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