What are some possible complications?

Lakeshore Eye Care | LASIK Complications Saukville WI | Mequon WIAs LASIK is a medical procedure, the possibility of a complication is not zero but it is extremely low.  Keep in mind that 99% of LASIK patients are very pleased with their results.  Your chances of a complication during surgery is practically zero when the initial flap is made with a laser the way we do it. You could, however, have a problem in healing which could affect your vision. This possibility occurs less than 0.01% of the time. This is a better outcome than almost any surgical procedure for any problem.  The best way to avoid problems after LASIK is to follow our instructions, which are clearly explained at the time of your procedure.

Blade-free LASIK is much safer than having the procedure done with a blade.  That's why we call it "LASIK for Chickens." After the procedure, we ask that you not vigorously rub your eyes for 6 weeks.  In addition you are asked not to go swimming, wear eye make-up or engage in contact sports such as basketball for 2 weeks after the procedure.  You also will wear protective goggles for the first 24 hours and then at night for 2 weeks.

But you could be the perfect patient and still have a problem.  Abnormal healing occurs in 0.01% of cases - again a very small number.  You could also have an eye infection after the procedure but you are given eye drops to prevent this and asked to wash your hands before getting near your eyes.

Again, the safety profile of LASIK changed completely with the blade-free iLASIK system.  Relax, follow instructions and your chances of a problem are less than if you stayed in contact lenses.

Lakeshore Eye Care | LASIK Complications Saukville WI | Mequon WIWhat is that bear doing in the LASIK room?  The bed is narrow and we always give you a stuffed animal to hold onto to keep your hands busy during the procedure.  We also have a Harley dog and other animals too.  Recently a mother of a young child was "loaned" a favorite stuffed animal for her procedure by her daughter!

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