What exactly is “Blade-Free” LASIK?

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Martha F. Jay, Ph.D., M.D.

Madison Medical Eye Care is proud to have been exclusively offering blade-free LASIK since 2005.  Blade-free LASIK uses two lasers instead of one to perform your LASIK procedure.  First the brand new Alcon WaveLight FS200 laser generates the small flap on the surface of your eye with tiny air bubbles.  This pain-free procedure takes about 10 seconds per eye.  It is a major advancement over the older metal microkeratome, still used at many low cost laser centers, and assures that the flap is perfect each and every time.  The Alcon WaveLight EX500 Excimer laser is then used to contour the shape of your eye to improve your vision.  This laser is also pain-free and usually takes less than a minute per eye.  Together they provide an integrated laser system that is the fastest available in the U.S.

The lasers are not just faster, they are also more precise.  The improvement in vision, especially for those with more extreme prescriptions, is even better than before. They also open up LASIK to many who may not have been candidates in the past because they can treat the widest range of prescriptions of any laser available.

Wavelight Laser Patient View

Patients love the improved comfort and potential to see even better than they did with glasses or contacts before surgery. I appreciate the precise automation with the smallest laser spot size in the industry and fastest eye tracking system available:  20 times faster than natural eye movements! I’ve gained many more options for individualizing LASIK  for a particular patient and you’ve gained an improved outlook on life.

When  considering LASIK, the technology employed is a very important factor.  You only have the procedure once so you want it done right the first time.  Most low cost LASIK centers have not made the investments necessary to upgrade to the all-laser technology.  A frequent call to our clinic starts out with "How much is LASIK" but that is not the point.  The main consideration should be how happy you will be with your vision for years to come.

The computer guided WaveLight FS200 laser is 100% more accurate than the metal blade and is currently the best possible way to prepare for the second part of the procedure, shaping the surface of your eye to improve your vision. The many advantages of this laser to make the flap include improved safety, better vision, reduced dry eye symptoms, higher predictability and precision, personalized flap, reduced night glare and halos, and allowing more patients to qualify for LASIK.

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