What type of lasers do you use?

We exclusively utilize blade-free LASIK with the Alcon WaveLight FS200 laser for generating the flap and the Alcon WaveLight Ex500 laser for the reshaping your cornea.  Together they provide an integrated laser system that is the fastest available in the U.S.

Blade Free LASIK Saukville WI | Mequon WIThe main advantage of the blade-free laser system over the older microkeratome blade is safety:  It is almost impossible to have a complication in surgery when making the flap with the laser.  The laser places tiny bubbles at the precise depth set by Dr. Jay and takes only 21 second pain-free seconds per eye.  With direct visualization by our doctor, you are assured that the flap is centered over the pupil each and every time.  The older microkeratome is a blind pass over the cornea, possibly resulting in off-center or irregular flaps and permanently blurred vision.  Another advantage of the laser generated flap is the customization for the individual patients by precisely controlling the thickness of the flap.  The result is that many who were told in the past they were not a candidate for LASIK can now benefit from this remarkable procedure.

The Alcon WaveLight EX500 has the fastest eye tracking system available today - it is 20 times faster than natural eye movements.  This advanced laser is updated frequently as new technology becomes available.  The lasers are not just faster, they are also more precise.  The improvement in vision, especially for those with more extreme prescriptions, is even better than before. They also open up LASIK to many who may not have been candidates in the past because they can treat the widest range of prescriptions of any laser available.

Wavelight Laser Suite

Patients love the improved comfort and potential to see even better than they did with glasses or contacts before surgery. I appreciate the precise automation with the smallest laser spot size in the industry and fastest eye tracking system available:  20 times faster than natural eye movements! I’ve gained many more options for individualizing LASIK  for a particular patient and you’ve gained an improved outlook on life. Call today to arrange your screening exam to take advantage of the newest of the new!

The pairing of the Alcon WaveLight ES200 and EX500 lasers  assures you that you are having the safest and most precise refractive procedure available - right here in Milwaukee.

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